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Can I wear Athleisure to brunch?

Athleisure has been a popular fashion trend for a while now. With its comfortable clothing options, it’s not hard to see why. But when it comes to dressing up for brunch, is it appropriate to wear athleisure? Brunch is a time to catch up with friends and family, while enjoying delicious food and drinks. So, the question is, can you wear your athleisure ensembles to a brunch outing? Let’s dive into this trending fashion statement and find out whether it’s a yay or nay when it comes to brunch attire.

1. What is Athleisure?

Athleisure clothing refers to athletic wear that is worn as casual clothing. It combines the comfort and functionality of athletic wear with the style and design of casual clothing. Essentially, it is functional clothing designed for physical exercise and other activities that can be worn in social settings like brunch outings.

Athleisure clothing

2. Athleisure to Brunch: Yay or Nay?

The question of whether or not you can wear Athleisure to brunch is subjective and dependent on factors such as the venue, occasion, and personal style preference. Generally, if the brunch setting is casual and relaxed, Athleisure wear can be appropriate. However, if you are attending a more formal brunch event, dressier attire may be more fitting.

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3. Choosing the Right Athleisure Wear for Brunch

When selecting Athleisure wear for a brunch outing, it’s essential to choose items that strike a balance between comfort and style. Opt for pieces that are not too baggy or tight and made from high-quality fabrics that look and feel good. Avoid workout clothes that look too revealing or show too much skin; a modest style should suffice.

Athleisure Wear

4. Dressing up Athleisure

If you decide to wear Athleisure to a formal brunch event, you can still make it look dressy. Pair your leggings with a long blazer or a statement coat, accessorize with a statement necklace or earrings, and wear comfortable heels or flats. You can also try wearing a denim or leather jacket with a maxi dress or a skirt for a chic and comfortable look.

Athleisure dressy

5. Layering Athleisure for Brunch And Beyond

Layering is a great way to make your Athleisure outfits versatile, allowing you to transition effortlessly from brunch to other activities. You can add a cardigan over a tank top or a hoodie over a fitted t-shirt. You can even layer a crop top over a sports bra for a bold look. Try to mix and match Athleisure pieces to create new outfits that suit different settings and occasions.

Athleisure layering

6. The Right Footwear for Athleisure

When it comes to footwear, sneakers remain the most popular choice for Athleisure outfits. But you can also wear sandals, flip flops, or boots depending on the occasion. If you’re pairing your Athleisure with a dress or skirt, you can never go wrong with ankle boots or strappy sandals. For a more polished look, opt for ballet flats or loafers.

Athleisure shoes

7. Accessorizing Athleisure for Brunch

Accessorizing is essential to elevate Athleisure outfits. It adds personality, gives depth, and pulls everything together. Accessories like statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, a hat, or a scarf can make all the difference. You can also wear a cross-body bag or a fanny pack to carry essentials and complete your look.

Athleisure accessories

8. Hair and Makeup for Athleisure

For a Brunch outing, you want to look fresh and relaxed. You can wear your hair down in beach waves, pull it back in a messy bun or braid, or opt for a sleek low ponytail. Natural-looking makeup with dewy skin, nude or light pink lip colors, blush, and mascara or eyeliner is a great way to keep your look effortless and cool.

Athleisure hair

9. Mistakes to avoid with Athleisure

As Athleisure becomes more popular, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can make your outfit look less stylish or even inappropriate for certain occasions. Avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy or too tight, sweat-stained, or ripped. Avoid wearing too many logos or patterns that clash. Avoid wearing workout clothes with high heels, and always opt for comfortable footwear.

Athleisure no

10. Conclusion

Can you wear Athleisure to brunch? Absolutely! Athleisure wear is versatile, practical, and fashionable. It’s all about finding a balance between comfort and style and choosing the right pieces for each occasion. By keeping these tips in mind, you can make Athleisure work for brunch and beyond.

Athleisure Conclusion

Yes, Athleisure is Perfect for Brunch: Here’s Why!

Athleisure has been one of the most popular trends in fashion for quite some time now. It is a combination of athletic and leisurewear that has become a go-to style for many people. But when it comes to brunch, many people still wonder if it’s appropriate to wear Athleisure. The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why:

Comfort is Key

One of the main reasons why Athleisure is perfect for brunch is because it is incredibly comfortable. Brunch is all about relaxing, chatting, and enjoying good food. You don’t want to be squeezed into tight clothes or wearing shoes that hurt your feet. Athleisure is the epitome of comfort, making it an ideal choice for brunch.

Woman wearing Athleisure

Stylish and Versatile

Athleisure is not just comfortable, but it is also stylish. Designers have found a way to combine functionality with fashion, creating a unique and versatile style that works for any occasion. It is a great way to show off your personal style and be comfortable at the same time.

Easy to Dress up or Down

Another advantage of Athleisure is that it can be dressed up or down depending on your plans for the day. You can easily add a blazer or a pair of heels to take your Athleisure outfit from casual to sophisticated. Alternatively, you can wear sneakers and a hoodie for a more relaxed look.

Woman in Athleisure Outfit

A Great Choice for Outdoor Brunches

Outdoor brunches can be tricky to dress for, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Athleisure is a great option for outdoor brunches as it provides the necessary comfort while also being stylish. You can easily layer up or take off clothes as the day goes on.

Shows Off Your Fitness

Athleisure is perfect for showing off your fitness while simultaneously being comfortable. If you’re proud of your hard work in the gym, Athleisure is a perfect way to flaunt that physique while enjoying the company of friends over brunch.

Random Outfit

Can be Worn Year-Round

Athleisure is a style that can be worn year-round, making it a versatile style for any occasion. Whether it’s warm or cold outside, you can easily put together an Athleisure outfit that is comfortable and stylish.

Perfect for Running Errands After Brunch

After a lazy brunch, the last thing you want to do is to change into another outfit just to run errands. Athleisure is perfect for such days as you can quickly transition from brunch to running errands without changing into another outfit.


Athleisure is made with recycled materials which is environmentally friendly. This is an excellent way to enjoy brunch without stressing the environment. Brands that make this type of fashion are: Patagonia, Girlfriend Collective, and many more.

Eco-friendly Clothing

Low Maintenance

Athleisure is low maintenance, making it perfect for a low-key brunch. You don’t have to fuss over your outfit, and you can enjoy your brunch without worrying about creasing or staining your clothes.

Impressive on Social Media

Lastly, Athleisure outfits are very fashionable and perfect for Brunch where you and friends can take photos to put up on your social media pages. Brands are currently adapting to produce Athleisure pieces to compete with the trend. Wear cute Athleisure outfits to make the perfect snapshot for your pages.

In conclusion, Athleisure is an excellent option for a brunch outfit. It offers comfort, style, and versatility that allows you to seamlessly transition from brunch to other activities. There is no doubt that Athleisure is perfect for brunch.

Athleisure Styles Perfect for Brunch Outings

As fashion becomes progressively more versatile, it’s no surprise to see the rise of athleisure wear as a trendy style. From running errands to weekend getaways, the seemingly never-ending possibilities of what you can wear with this comfortable style seem endless. The real question is whether or not it’s acceptable to wear athleisure apparel to fancier events like brunch outings?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to athleisure attire at brunch, but here are five subheadings outlining trendy athleisure picks to rock at brunch:

1. Leggings

While leggings may be a staple for a quick trip to the grocery store, there are a variety of athleisure leggings that can pass for a trendy and fashionable brunch outfit. Pair them with a long shirt or tunic, and accessorize your look with jewelry or a scarf. The choice of footwear is also important to consider when rocking leggings. Fashion sneakers or trendy flats can double up as both fashionable and cozy.


2. Joggers

Joggers are known for their extreme comfort, and the fact that they’re versatile enough to match your preferred style is simply an addition to its inherent benefits. Trying coupling joggers with a crop top, lightweight jacket, or layered sweater, and complete the look with a pair of sandals or boots. Take note that the perfect joggers should fit comfortably at the waist while tapering at the ankle effectively.


3. Hoodies

For brunch, hoodies can either make you look a mess or a cool and chic addition to your athleisure collection. To avoid confusing the former with the latter, take into consideration the dressiness of your surroundings while selecting the hoodie’s color and design. Pair the hoodie with some high-waisted jeans or leggings and your go-to sneakers for the ultimate cozy-chic combination.


4. Athleisure Dresses

Athleisure dress is a combination of fashion, function, and comfort and is the perfect item of clothing for brunch. Some popular athleisure dresses come with sporty stripes, trending tie-dye, or subtle color-blocking patterns that can easily look good at any brunch spot. Branding is not as important; a simple, minimalist design worn with sneakers or sandals can be the hero look.

Athleisure Dress

5. Sneakers

Finally, the athletic shoe’s reign continues at brunch. Probably a lifesaver for many; a comfortable pair of sneaks is the final product that can elevate any athleisure outfit, all while making sure you remain pretty comfortable all day long. Instead of the usual running/walking sneakers, it’s best suggested to go for more trendy shoes. High-tops or flat, monochromatic or multicolored, you’ve got the choice adding great footwear to top your athleisure ensemble.


In conclusion, freedom of expression must be observed by adhering to dress codes while staying entirely practical. You can still wear your favorite athleisure styles to brunch, as long as you carefully choose your outfit pieces and accessories to ensure the perfect look for the day, making sure you’re set making a statement while also feeling cozy and comfortable.

S.NO Outfit Style Recommended Footwear
1 Leggings Fashion Sneakers
2 Joggers Sandals or boots
3 Hoodies High-waisted jeans or leggings
4 Athleisure Dresses Sandals or sneakers
5 Sneakers High-tops or flats

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