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Do other countries have brunch?

Brunch has become a popular meal in many countries around the world, especially in Western countries like the United States, Canada, and Britain. It’s a meal that combines breakfast and lunch, usually eaten on weekends or special occasions. But have you ever wondered if people in other countries enjoy brunch? Do they have a similar meal or tradition? In this article, we’ll explore the concept of brunch in other parts of the world, and see if it’s as popular as it is in the West.

Brunch: A Unique Eating Tradition or Common Around The Globe?

Brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch, has gradually become a popular weekend tradition in many countries around the world. This mid-day meal can consist of a variety of dishes including eggs, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, fruits, and pastries. In some countries, few variations like salads, hot soups, and seafood are also served.

Let’s explore some other countries that have adopted this mealtime.

United Kingdom: The Brunch Hub

The UK is known for its Sunday roasts, and brunch has been added to its list of popular meals. Many restaurants and cafes offer brunch menus, typically featuring favorites like Eggs Benedict, smashed avocado on toast, and pancakes. Brunch spot Mad Egg even invented Brunchfast, a hybrid meal including burgers and waffles.

France: Brunch ‘à la française’

French brunches, often referred to as ‘le Brunch,’ typically have a sweet and savory menu. Crepes, croissants, cured meats, freshly squeezed juice, and coffee are common options. In the recent year, Parisian cafes have also started to offer a vegetarian and vegan-friendly brunch.

Australia and New Zealand: The Brunch Down Under

Brunch in Australia and New Zealand is almost a ritualistic experience for many people. Common dishes include smashed avocado, bacon, and poached eggs on sourdough toast, and kiwi fruit smoothies. The quirky coffee culture, local grilled cheese, and chive scones make the meal even more attractive.

Spain: ‘El Brunch’

Spain may not be famous for brunch, but the El Brunch concept is becoming a trend in big cities. It is often served with a Spanish twist, with the addition of chorizo, Manchego cheese, and chips with aioli sauce. In cities like Barcelona and Madrid, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to offer bottomless brunch with unlimited drinks and tapas.

India: Brunching with Flavors

In India, brunch is considered a luxury affair, and it is highly influenced by regional styles. Dishes like spicy potato curry, masala omelets, dosas, idlis, and dim sum are common menu items. Restaurants like Cafe Lota and The Lovebird Cafe introduce Indian fusion dishes using seasonal and organic ingredients.

Thailand: The Late Bird Brunching

The Thai culture indulges in ‘late bird’ brunch as a relaxation ritual. The mealtime offers a mix of Thai street food, western dishes, and international cuisine. The unique and playful presentation of food in many restaurants becomes an unforgettable experience for tourists and locals who love to brunch.

Canada: A Maple Tasteful Brunch

It’s no surprise that the Canadian brunch menu is centred on maple syrup. Pancakes, waffles, and French toast are plated with this deliciously sweet topping, and eggs and bacon are served with a side of pure maple syrup. Canadian Brunches go beyond the maple syrup to offer dishes like bagels, smoked salmon, and poutine.

Brazil: Brunch with Bubbly

In Brazil, brunch is referred to as ‘café da manhã prolongado’, which means ‘prolonged breakfast.’ It is common for people to receive guests at home, serving fruits, cheeses, and bread before dining on food like scrambled eggs, tapioca pancakes, and pão de queijo (cheesy bread). It’s customary to serve champagne or Caipirinhas to celebrate the weekend.

Japan: Brunch in Japanese Style

In Japan, the brunch menu is influenced by western cuisine, with Japanese ingredients added to create unique dishes. Japanese-style pancakes are popular, and so are delicacies like mochi waffles topped with kinako powder or shiso pickles. Weekend brunch at the famous Billboard Live Tokyo’s club lounge is particularly famous.

South Africa: Brunch for a Braai

South African brunch is inspired by traditional braai techniques, which involves grilling meat and vegetables outdoors. In many households, the South African brunch features barbecue items, including lamb chops, sausages, and eggs served with chakalaka, a spicy relish.

In Conclusion

Brunching is a dining trend that has become increasingly popular in different countries worldwide. Although brunch menus and styles may have cultural influences, there’s no doubt that mid-day meals are here to stay. With different varieties and twists on the popular meal all over the world, Brunch has become a unique, contemporary, and fun way to start the day in many countries.

Brunch Around the World: A Global Look at this Popular Meal

It’s a well-known fact that brunch is a popular meal in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. But what about other countries around the world? Are they also indulging in this delicious combination of breakfast and lunch? In this article, we explore the other regions of the world and how they approach brunch.

Brunch in Europe: Tradition and Brunch Spots

Brunch culture is well established in many European countries, especially in France and Germany. In France, the mid-morning meal is usually referred to as “Le Brunch”, a combination of the French words for breakfast (le petit déjeuner) and lunch (le déjeuner). It is often a leisurely affair that takes place in cafes and restaurants, and includes pastries, bread, cured meats, eggs, and coffee.

In Germany, brunch is also an important meal, especially on weekends. The traditional German brunch includes bread, cold cuts, cheeses, jams, honey, boiled eggs, and coffee. German brunch spots are known for their large portions and hearty fare.

Brunch in Europe

Brunch in Italy: A Luxury Event

While Italians aren’t big on brunch, they do have a similar mid-morning meal called “pranzo di domenica” or Sunday lunch. It is a more formal affair that includes a multi-course meal with family and friends that lasts for several hours. It is considered a luxury event and is often reserved for special occasions.

Brunch in Italy

Brunch in Asia: Fusion Flavors and Dim Sum

Brunch has become popular in many Asian countries, especially in metropolitan areas like Hong Kong and Tokyo. Hong Kong has its own unique spin on brunch, with many restaurants offering a fusion of Chinese and Western flavors. Dim sum, small savory or sweet dishes, is often a popular dish at brunch in Hong Kong.

In Japan, brunch is a newer concept, but it is quickly gaining popularity. Many brunch spots in Tokyo offer Western-style brunch dishes like pancakes and eggs, as well as Japanese-style dishes like rice bowls and miso soup.

Brunch in Asia

Brunch in Africa: Sweet Treats and Big Portions

While brunch culture isn’t as established in Africa as it is in Europe or Asia, there are still some unique twists on the mid-morning meal. In South Africa, brunch often includes sweet treats like pastries, scones, and muffins. In other parts of Africa, brunch is a combination of traditional African dishes and Western-style brunch dishes like pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

Portions are also typically large in African brunch spots, with restaurants often offering all-you-can-eat buffets.

Brunch in Africa

Brunch in South America: Meat and Breakfast Classics

South Americans have their own unique take on brunch, often incorporating meat dishes like steak and chorizo. Breakfast classics like eggs and bacon are also popular, and tend to be larger and more filling than their Western counterparts. In Brazil, brunch is sometimes referred to as “café da manhã” or morning coffee, with coffee being a key component of the mid-morning meal.

Brunch in South America

Brunch in Australia: Avocado Toast and Flat Whites

Australia has embraced brunch culture wholeheartedly, with restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of brunch dishes. Avocado toast, a popular dish in many Western countries, is also a brunch staple in Australia. Flat whites, a type of coffee made with espresso and steamed milk, are also a common brunch beverage.

Brunch in Australia

The Bottom Line

While brunch culture is still most prevalent in Western countries, it is clear that this mid-morning meal has become an international phenomenon. With unique regional dishes and twists on classic brunch fare, brunch around the world is a delicious and diverse affair.

Brunch Around the World

Europe’s Brunch Culture

Europeans have their own version of brunch, and it is commonly called as “le Brunch” in France, while the Britons refer to it as “Sunday Roast”. Sunday brunch is considered a popular pastime in France, Spain, Italy, and other parts of Europe. However, the concept in Europe is different from the North American version. The European-style brunch often consists of traditional breakfast items, such as croissants, cheese, cold cuts, and sweet pastries, along with a selection of savory dishes and a glass of wine or champagne.

Brunch in Europe

South America’s Lazy Breakfasts

In South America, the morning meal is more often referred to as “desayuno”, rather than “brunch.” However, like brunch, desayuno is also a leisurely meal that combines breakfast and lunch. In countries such as Brazil and Argentina, desayuno is generally served later in the morning, around 10 or 11 am, and includes coffee, bread, and cold cuts. In Brazil, this meal is often accompanied with acai berries, which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Desayuno in Argentina

Asian Brunches

Brunch is not commonly practiced in Asia, but the Japanese developed their brunch culture, a meal known as “Asa Brunch.” The food served tends to be standard breakfast fare, such as scrambled eggs and bacon, with the addition of Japanese cuisine, such as sashimi, rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables. The meal is often washed down with green tea or coffee.

Asa Brunch in Japan

Africa’s Brunch

Brunch culture in Africa is mostly common among the foreign expats who live in the urban areas and tend to converge at high-end cafes. However, there are some popular brunch dishes that are native to several African countries. In Egypt, traditional brunch, often known as “Shaheen”, includes dishes such as Ful Medames, fava beans seasoned with herbs and spices, and tahina, a dip made from sesame seeds.

Shaheen Brunch in Egypt

Brunch in Australia

Australia has a large brunch culture, with cafes and restaurants throughout the country offering up brunch-inspired menus on weekends. Australians love to enjoy the morning meal along with good coffee and a relaxed atmosphere. Brunch options vary across the country, but the most popular are the Australian take on avocado toast, known as “avo smash,” along with poached eggs, smoked salmon, and fresh fruit juice.

Brunch in Australia

Continent Country Popular Brunch Dishes
America Mexico Chilequiles, Huevos Rancheros
Africa Egypt Ful Medames, Tahina
Europe France Croissant, Quiche
Asia Japan Sashimi, Miso Soup, Rice
Australia Australia Avo Smash, Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon

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Brunch Around the World: A Delicious Adventure

Thank you for joining us on this mouth-watering journey through the world of brunch. From eggs Benedict in America to congee in China, we’ve explored the diverse and tasty brunch options available around the world. We hope this article inspired you to take a break from your usual weekend food routine and try something new. Don’t forget to check back later for more culinary adventures!

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