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How do Parisians eat their croissants?

Croissants have long been a staple of French breakfast culture, and while they’re known and loved across the globe, Parisians have a particularly special relationship with these buttery pastries. But how do they enjoy their croissants differently than the rest of the world? From traditional bakery rituals to modern twists and interpretations, we’re delving into the ways that Parisians truly savor their croissants. Whether you’re a Francophile, foodie or simply curious about Parisian breakfast culture, this article will explore the fascinating world of the croissant in Paris.

1. The Perfect Croissant

Parisians are known for their love of good food, and the croissant is no exception. A true Parisian croissant is buttery, flaky, and has a deliciously crispy texture on the outside. To achieve the perfect croissant, Parisians need to source high-quality ingredients and use traditional baking techniques.

The Perfect Croissant

2. A Breakfast Staple

Croissants are a common breakfast staple in Paris, and many locals will start their day with a fresh croissant and coffee. Parisian bakeries will often offer a range of delicious croissants, from classic plain croissants to chocolate-filled or almond croissants.

A Breakfast Staple

3. Eating on-the-go

Parisians are often in a rush in the morning, and eating their croissants on-the-go is a common sight. Croissants are easy to transport and don’t require any cutlery, making them the perfect snack for a busy day in the city.

Eating on-the-go

4. The Classic Pairing

A classic way for Parisians to enjoy their croissants is to pair them with coffee. Many cafes and bakeries in Paris will offer a coffee and croissant deal, making it an affordable and delicious way to start the day.

The Classic Pairing

5. Alternative Pairings

While coffee is the classic pairing for croissants, Parisians also enjoy pairing them with other drinks, such as tea or hot chocolate. Croissants also pair well with fruit juice or a glass of champagne for a more indulgent breakfast.

Alternative Pairings

6. Eating with Accompaniments

Parisians will often enjoy their croissants with some accompaniments, such as jam, honey, or butter. These additions can enhance the flavour of the croissant and make for a more substantial breakfast.

Eating with Accompaniments

7. Savoury Croissants

While croissants are often associated with sweet treats, Parisians also enjoy savoury croissants. Popular fillings include ham and cheese or spinach and feta, making for a delicious and filling lunch or snack.

Savoury Croissants

8. The Art of Dunking

Parisians are not afraid to dunk their croissants into their drinks, especially if they are enjoying a hot chocolate. Dunking a croissant can soften the crispy exterior and give it a deliciously gooey texture on the inside.

The Art of Dunking

9. Occasions for Croissants

Croissants aren’t just for breakfast or snacking on-the-go. Parisians will often serve croissants at special occasions, such as weddings or family gatherings. Freshly baked croissants can make for an impressive and delicious addition to any occasion.

Occasions for Croissants

10. The Joy of Sharing

Parisians love to share their food with others, and croissants are no exception. It’s common for Parisians to buy a few extra croissants to share with their friends or coworkers. Sharing a croissant can be a great way to bond with others over a delicious treat.

The Joy of Sharing

How to Properly Eat a Croissant like a Parisian

Croissants are a staple in the Parisian breakfast staple. The buttery and flaky pastry can either make or break a perfect morning. Eating croissants require a specific technique and etiquette in France, which differs from other countries. So, to avoid looking like a typical tourist, here are the steps for you to eat like a Parisian:

1. Eat Your Croissant Alone

Eating croissants paired with a cup of coffee seems reasonable, but not for the French. It is customary to eat a croissant on its own without any accompaniment. Croissants are already rich in butter and flavor, so it needs no addition to make it taste better. Leaving off the jam, coffee, or other condiments allows you to enjoy the croissant in all its glory.

eating croissant alone

2. Grab the Right End of the Croissant

Always grab the right end of the croissant, not the middle. Parisians hold one end of the croissant to ensure the buttery flakes don’t fall apart. Grabbing the middle of the croissant may result in a flaky mess, which nobody wants.

grab the end of the croissant

3. Break off a Piece

Rather than biting one end of the croissant, here’s how the French do it- break off a piece. Break off bite-sized pieces, then consume it one by one. This way, the flaky pastry remains intact until the last piece.

break off a piece of croissant

4. Use Your Hands

Croissants are meant to be eaten with hands, not with cutleries. Picking up pieces using your hands and then placing it in your mouth is the way to go.

use hands

5. Take Small Bites

Parisians usually take small bites, rather than large chunks of the pastry. This way, you can appreciate and savor the taste without feeling full too soon.

take small bites of croissant

6. Don’t Rush

Eating a croissant should be a time to relax and enjoy the moment. So, don’t rush through it. Take your time and enjoy every bite.

take time while eating croissant

7. Appreciate the Pastry

Before consuming, take a moment to appreciate the croissant- the golden-brown crust, puff pastry, and buttery aroma. This way, all your senses are involved, and it heightens the pleasure of eating.

appreciate the pastry

8. Pair with Hot Chocolate

French natives pair their croissant with a cup of hot chocolate or café au lait. While sipping the hot beverage in between bites, it enhances the flavor and the entire eating experience.

pair with hot chocolate

9. Save the Best Bite for the Last

To end on a high note, Parisians recommend saving the best bite for last. Generally, the top of the croissant is considered the best, especially the edges. Eating it in this order makes a satisfying end note.

Save the best bite for the last

10. Dispose of Paper Wrapper

Finally, after enjoying the croissant, dispose of the paper wrapper. Leaving it on the table looks untidy and shows disrespect to the baristas.

dispose of paper wrapper

In conclusion, eating a croissant like a Parisian requires following specific steps and etiquette. It may take some getting used to but, once you get it down, it’s a delightful experience. Eating like a Parisian will help you blend in more and avoid tourist mistakes. Happy eating!

How to enjoy croissants the Parisian way

Pair it with coffee or tea

Parisians usually have their croissants for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon. They often pair it with a hot cup of coffee or tea to balance the richness of the pastry. The combination of the buttery croissant and the bitter taste of coffee creates a perfect harmony of flavors, making it a delightful treat in the morning.

coffee and croissant

Split it in half

Parisians split their croissants in half vertically before eating them. This way, they can appreciate the texture of the layers and fillings even more. They often add some butter or jam to enhance the taste. It’s also easier to dip it in their coffee or tea without making a mess.

split croissant

Ditch the knife and fork

Parisians prefer to eat their croissants with their bare hands instead of using utensils. They believe that the tactile experience of feeling the texture and warmth of the pastry adds to the pleasure of eating it. Plus, it’s more convenient to eat on the go during their busy mornings.

hand eating croissant

Go for the traditional croissant

While there are many variations of croissants nowadays, Parisians still prefer the traditional one. It’s made with butter, flour, yeast, sugar, and salt–simple ingredients that create a decadent taste. They appreciate the authenticity of this pastry and believe that nothing can beat the classic.

traditional croissant

Buy it fresh from the boulangerie

Parisians value the freshness of their croissants. They buy them from the bakery early in the morning when they are still warm and crispy. They avoid supermarket-bought croissants, as they are not as delicious as the freshly baked ones from the boulangerie. They value quality over quantity and take the time to enjoy their food.


Ingredient Amount
Butter 250g
Flour 500g
Yeast 10g
Sugar 50g
Salt 8g

So next time you’re in Paris or just wanting to experience a bit of the Parisian lifestyle, go grab yourself a fresh croissant from the local bakery and enjoy it as the Parisians do.

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Enjoying a Croissant the Parisian Way

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about the delightful tradition of eating croissants in Paris! Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired to take a trip to the city of lights and indulge in a warm, flaky pastry yourself. Remember, it’s all about savoring the moment and taking the time to enjoy the little things in life. Don’t forget to come back soon for more cultural insights and travel tips – À bientôt!

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