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How do you throw a perfect brunch?

Throwing a brunch gathering can be a fun and enjoyable way to spend a lazy weekend morning or afternoon with friends and family. Whether you want to host a casual get-together or a fancy affair, throwing a perfect brunch requires some planning and preparation. From choosing the right menu to setting an inviting ambiance, there are many factors to consider in order to make your brunch a success. In this article, we’ll share some tips and ideas to help you throw a perfect brunch that your guests will remember for a long time. So, let’s get started!

1. Plan ahead

Planning is the key to a perfect brunch. A week before, start planning your menu, decor, and guest list. Decide on a theme for your brunch and center your menu and decor around it. Make sure you have enough seating arrangements for all your guests, and send out invitations as soon as possible.

brunch planning

2. Create a Menu

Your menu should be well thought out, balanced, and contain an assortment of options for all tastes. Decide on how many courses you want to serve and make sure to have vegetarian and gluten-free options available. A couple of days before your brunch, make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need, so you don’t forget anything. You can make some items the night before to simplify the morning of the brunch.

brunch menu

3. Get the Drinks Right

Aside from food, brunch is often associated with drinks like cocktails, coffee, and tea. Prepare cocktail mixes, have some non-alcoholic options like juices and sparkling water. If you’re serving coffee, make sure you have a good quality coffee machine, or consider hiring a barista for the day. Don’t forget to have sugar, milk, and cream readily available.

brunch drinks

4. Decorate your space

The ambiance of your brunch is just as important as the food. Set the mood by decorating your table and space with flowers, linens, and place settings. Consider the theme of the brunch while selecting the decorations. Keep it simple and elegant so guests can focus on the food and conversation.

brunch decor

5. Prepare the Serving Area

Your serving area should be arranged and organized to allow for easy access. Have all the utensils, serving dishes, and platters you’ll need ready and in place before your guests arrive. Stack plates, glasses, and cutlery in a convenient location. A well-organized and equipped serving area makes serving and accessing food easier and ensures less clutter.

brunch buffet

6. Timing is crucial

You should time your brunch so that all the food is prepared and ready to serve when your guests arrive. If you’re serving food in courses, plan out the timing for each course so that guests aren’t kept waiting too long. Set an alarm to remind yourself to take certain dishes out of the oven or fridge. Coordinate with your helping hands to ensure timely, well-executed brunch.

brunch timing

7. Consider hiring help

If you’re hosting a larger brunch, consider hiring a server or additional help. You’ll have more time to socialize with guests as your help can take care of ensuring everyone is served and replenishing food. Check out local catering services or task masters, and read reviews to pick a professional that you trust.

brunch help

8. Clean as you go

There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that looks like a storm hit it, and guests left to fend for themselves amidst piles of dirty plates. Clean as you go, so that after the brunch, you only have a few minor tasks to do. Soak dirty plates and utensils in soapy water, and use a separate bin for compostable waste to easily dispose of the leftovers.

brunch cleaning

9. Encourage conversation

A brunch is an excellent opportunity for friends and family to catch up and socialize. Encourage conversation by choosing seating arrangements that promote intimacy and are conducive to chatting. Keep music playing in the background and have some games e.g. cards, or board games available just in case the conversation starts to wane.

brunch conversation

10. Enjoy!

Brunch should be a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Don’t stress too much over small hitches or imperfections. Remember why you’re hosting this event and enjoy it alongside your guests. Connect, share a laugh or two over food and drinks and make memories together.

brunch enjoyment

Choose the Right Menu for Your Brunch

When it comes to throwing a perfect brunch, selecting the right menu is important. You want to ensure that there’s a variety of dishes that cater to everyone’s taste buds while also being manageable to prepare. Here are some options to consider:

Egg-Based Dishes

Egg-based dishes like omelets, quiches, and frittatas are a classic brunch staple. They’re easy to prepare and can be customized to suit individual preferences. If you’re short on time, a strata is a good option as it can be made the night before and only requires baking on the day of the brunch.

Omelette Brunch

Baked Goods

No brunch spread is complete without some delicious baked goods. Muffins, scones, croissants, and cinnamon rolls are all great options. You can bake them yourself or order them from a local bakery.

Baked Goods Brunch


Having a salad option on the menu ensures that there’s a light and healthy alternative for guests. A fruit salad or a simple green salad can be made ahead of time and require minimal preparation.

Salads Brunch

Bagels and Toasts

Bagels and toasts are a versatile option that can be served plain or with a variety of toppings. Cream cheese, lox, avocado, and tomato are all great options. Ensure that there’s a variety of bread options to cater to different dietary requirements.

Bagels Brunch


Beverages are an essential component of any brunch menu. You can offer a range of drinks like coffee, tea, juices, and cocktails. Ensure that there’s a non-alcoholic option available for guests who don’t drink.

Beverages Brunch

Meat-Based Dishes

Meat-based dishes like sausages, bacon, and ham are a popular option for brunch. You can serve them alongside the egg-based dishes or as a standalone option. Ensure that there’s a vegetarian or vegan alternative available for guests with dietary restrictions.

Meat Dishes Brunch

Finger Foods

Finger foods like deviled eggs, mini quiches, and sausage rolls are a great option for guests who prefer to nibble on small bites. They’re also easy to prepare and can be made ahead of time.

Finger Foods Brunch

Pancakes and Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are a sweet option that can be served with a variety of toppings like fruit, maple syrup, and whipped cream. You can also offer a savory alternative by adding herbs and cheese to the batter.

Pancakes and Waffles Brunch


No brunch is complete without a sweet indulgence. You can serve cakes, tarts, and pastries for dessert. You can also offer a DIY dessert option like a build-your-own parfait or crepes.

Desserts Brunch

Coffee and Tea Station

Having a coffee and tea station ensures that guests can enjoy their beverage of choice. Ensure that there’s a variety of tea bags, coffee pods, milk, and sugar available. You can also offer flavored syrups and whipped cream as an option.

Coffee and Tea Station Brunch

Selecting the right menu for your brunch is important as it sets the tone for the event. Ensure that there’s a variety of dishes that cater to everyone’s taste buds while also being manageable to prepare. Having a mix of sweet and savory options ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Creating the Menu

Once you have figured out the logistics of hosting, it’s time to start thinking about what food and drinks you’re going to serve. Here are the key things to keep in mind when creating the perfect brunch menu:

1. Offer a variety of dishes

Brunch is a meal filled with options, so it’s important to have a variety of foods to ensure everyone’s preferences are met. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one savory dish and one sweet dish. Consider including a mix of breakfast staples, such as eggs, bacon, and toast, as well as some more unique options like breakfast burritos or quiches.

Brunch Menu

2. Cater to dietary restrictions

It’s important to consider any dietary restrictions that your guests may have, such as gluten-free or vegetarian diets. You can either offer some dishes that cater specifically to these restrictions or make sure there are plenty of dishes that can be easily modified to fit these diets.

3. Mix up the drinks

No brunch is complete without some delicious drinks to accompany the food. Consider serving a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, such as mimosas, bloody marys, coffee, tea, and juice. Don’t forget to have plenty of water on hand as well.

Brunch Drinks

4. Prepare in advance

Preparing some of the dishes in advance can help take some of the stress off of hosting on the day of the brunch. Consider making a few dishes the night before, such as a breakfast casserole or baked goods.

5. Presentation is key

While the taste of the food is obviously important, the presentation can really take your brunch to the next level. Consider arranging the dishes on tiered platters or in colorful bowls to add a pop of visual interest to your spread.

Sample Brunch Menu
Egg and sausage breakfast casserole
Fruit salad
Assorted pastries and muffins
Mimosas and coffee

By using these tips, you can create the perfect brunch menu that is sure to impress your guests. Next up, we’ll cover some tips for decorating your brunch space and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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Wrapping it up

Now you know how to throw a perfect brunch that will leave your guests feeling happy and satisfied. Remember to keep it simple, plan ahead, and choose dishes that everyone will enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to have a good time! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you come back for more brunch tips and recipes in the future. Cheers to happy hosting!

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