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Is Brekkie British slang?

Brekkie, short for breakfast, is a popular term used in casual conversations all around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. This term has been favored by many for its simplicity and laid-back vibe. It’s a term that’s commonly heard in coffee shops, diners, and anywhere where morning meals are served. But have you ever wondered if brekkie is solely British slang? Let’s delve into the origin of brekkie and find out if it’s used outside of the UK.

Origin of the word “Brekkie”

The word “Brekkie” is a popular term used in the United Kingdom and Australia as slang for breakfast. The origin of the word “brekkie” can be traced back to the United Kingdom, where it originated from the dialect of the East End of London.

In the early 20th century, the East Enders used the term “brekker” as a slang term for breakfast. The term became popular among the working-class population and gradually spread throughout the United Kingdom.

However, the word “brekkie” is now predominantly used in Australia and New Zealand. It was first introduced to Australian English in the 1950s and has been widely used ever since.

Popularity of the Term “Brekkie”

“Brekkie” is a widely used term in Australia, especially in the coastal cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In fact, the word “brekkie” has become an integral part of the Australian vernacular.

The popularity of the term can be attributed to its simplicity and ease of use. It is common to hear Australians ask each other “What’s for brekkie?” or “Do you want to grab some brekkie?”.

The term “brekkie” has also become popular among tourists visiting Australia. Many cafes and restaurants across the country have started using the term in their menus, especially for breakfast options.

Breakfast Culture in the UK and Australia

Breakfast or “brekkie” is an important meal in both the UK and Australia. However, the breakfast culture in these two countries is quite different.

In the UK, a traditional breakfast consists of grilled bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast. This is commonly known as a “Full English breakfast” or “Fry-up”.

On the other hand, Australian breakfast usually consists of simpler options like cereal, toast, and coffee. However, over the years, Australian breakfast has evolved to include popular dishes like smashed avocado on toast, eggs benedict, and pancakes.

Regional Variations

There are also regional variations to breakfast culture within the UK and Australia. For example, in Scotland, a traditional breakfast includes haggis, black pudding, and potato scones.

In Australia, the breakfast culture is influenced by the country’s varied geography. In the coastal regions, seafood is a popular breakfast option. In the interior regions, breakfast usually consists of meat-based dishes like kangaroo sausages.

Influence on Australian English

The use of slang terms like “brekkie” has influenced the development of Australian English. The use of slang in Australian English is common and reflects the country’s laid-back nature.

The Australian dialect of English has become distinct from other English dialects, and this is partly due to the use of slang terms like “brekkie”.

International Popularity

The term “brekkie” has gained international popularity over the years. In countries like the United States and Canada, the term is recognized and used, especially in communities with significant Australian and British populations.

The term has also become popular in other English-speaking countries like South Africa and New Zealand.


The origin of the slang word “brekkie” can be traced back to the United Kingdom, where it was used in the East End of London. The term has now become an integral part of Australian English and is widely used across the country.

The use of slang terms like “brekkie” has influenced the development of Australian English and reflects the country’s laid-back nature. The popularity of the term has also spread to other English-speaking countries, making “brekkie” a recognized term worldwide.

What is Brekkie and Where Did It Come From?

Brekkie is a term for breakfast that’s used predominantly in Australian and British English. Many people associate the word with Australian slang, but it’s also used by many British people. While some people might believe that this term is a recent addition to the English language, the truth is that Brekkie actually dates back several decades.

1. The Australian Origin of Brekkie

According to some experts, the term Brekkie has its roots in Australian slang. Australians use this word extensively, and there are various theories as to how it came about. One theory is that it originated from a local brand of breakfast cereal called Brekky (which is an Australian slang term for breakfast).

2. The British Connection to Brekkie

While Brekkie is largely considered to be an Australian slang term, it’s also widely used in British English. In fact, some experts believe that Brekkie is a term that was brought over to the UK by Australian travellers and expats.

3. Is Brekkie a Formal Word in British English?

Despite its widespread use in British English, Brekkie isn’t a formal word. In fact, it’s more commonly used in informal settings, such as between friends and family members. That said, the word is slowly gaining acceptance in more formal settings, such as in business settings.

4. What Are Some Alternate Words for Brekkie?

While Brekkie is the most widely used term for breakfast in Australia and the UK, there are a few other words you might come across, such as brekky, brekkers, and brek. Some people also use the word “morning tea” to refer to breakfast, although this isn’t very common.

5. Is Brekkie a Popular Term in Other English-Speaking Countries?

Brekkie is primarily used in Australia and the UK, although you might hear the term being used in other English-speaking countries from time to time. For example, some people in New Zealand and Canada might use the word brekkie, although it’s not as widespread as it is in Australia and the UK.

6. What Are Some Common Foods Eaten for Brekkie?

When it comes to meals eaten for breakfast, this can vary depending on the country you’re in. In Australia and the UK, some of the most common foods eaten for Brekkie include eggs, bacon, toast, porridge, cereal, and croissants. Many people also enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with their breakfast.

7. Why Do Australians Use Different Slang Words?

Many Australians use a unique form of slang, which is known as Aussie slang. This form of slang has developed over many years and is considered to be an intrinsic part of Australian culture. Aussies use slang words, such as Brekkie, as a way to create a bond between people and to build a sense of community.

8. How Has Technology Influenced the Use of Brekkie?

Technology has had a significant impact on the way we communicate, and this has also affected how we use language. With social media and messaging apps being so prevalent today, many people now regularly use slang words like Brekkie when communicating with friends and family.

9. Is Brekkie Just a Fad?

Many words and phrases come and go, but Brekkie seems to have staying power. While some people might view the word as a passing fad, the widespread use of the term in Australia and the UK suggests that it’s here to stay.

10. How Many Australians and Brits Use Brekkie in Their Daily Lives?

It’s hard to say precisely how many Australians and Brits use the term Brekkie in their daily lives, but it’s safe to say that it’s a popular term. Many cafes and restaurants in Australia and the UK offer “Brekkie specials” or “Brekkie deals” to attract customers, which suggests that the term is widely recognised and well-used.

History of Brekkie and its Origins

Brekkie is a term derived from the word breakfast. In modern-day terms, it means having breakfast or a morning meal. The term has become quite popular, especially in Australia and the UK, where its use has been expanding beyond breakfast to refer to meals taken at any time of the day.

The English language is a complex and diverse language, comprising several regional accents and dialects. It is not surprising that some slang words are specific to certain regions and countries. Brekkie is one such slang word that has its roots in the British vernacular.

The origins of the word Brekkie can be traced back to the early 19th century when the industrial revolution was taking place in Britain. During this time, factory workers would have their breakfast before work and refer to it as their “brekkie.” The use of the term Brekkie became so popular among the working-class population that it found its way into the general populace and has been in use ever since.

Brekkie as a Part of the Australian Culture

Australia has a unique culture that is distinct from British culture, but it has been heavily influenced by British traditions. One such influence is the use of Brekkie as a term for breakfast.

Brekkie has been an integral part of Australian culture for many years. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and many people in Australia take it seriously. It is not just about eating, but it has become a social event where friends and family gather to catch up over a meal.

The use of Brekkie in Australia is not just limited to a morning meal. It has become a common term for any meal taken during the day, regardless of the time. In fact, Australians use the term so often that it has become part of their everyday language.

The Use of Brekkie in the UK

Brekkie is not just an Australian term, but it is also used in the UK. The word has been gaining traction among the younger generation, and it is now commonly used in everyday language.

The use of Brekkie in the UK is not limited to breakfast but has become a term for any meal taken during the day. However, it is worth noting that the word is not as popular in the UK as it is in Australia, and it is mainly used by the younger generation.

Alternative Slang Words for Breakfast

Brekkie is not the only slang word used to refer to breakfast. There are many other slang words that people use to refer to their morning meal. Some of these slang words include:

  • Brekky
  • Brekkers
  • Morning tea
  • Full English
  • Bacon and eggs

Each of these words has a different origin and is used by different people in different regions. Regardless of the word used, they all refer to the same thing – breakfast.


In conclusion, Brekkie is a slang word that has its roots in Britain, but it has become a staple in Australian culture. It has also gained popularity in the UK, where it is commonly used by the younger generation. While the use of Brekkie is not limited to breakfast, it has become a term for any meal taken during the day. However, it is not the only slang word used to refer to breakfast, and there are many other words used by people in different regions. Regardless of the slang word used, breakfast remains an essential meal of the day.

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Say Goodbye to Brekkie

We hope you enjoyed learning about this fun word. Remember, brekkie is just one of the many unique slang words that British English has to offer. Keep exploring and learning new words to add to your vocabulary. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more language insights!

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