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Is brunch a thing in Europe?

Brunch is a trendy meal that is usually enjoyed on weekends or public holidays. It involves a combination of breakfast and lunch dishes served together in one sitting. Brunch has become a popular culture in many countries around the world, but is it also a thing in Europe? While brunching on weekends has been a common practice in North America and even other parts of the world for decades, it’s not as widely known in Europe. However, in recent years, brunch has gained popularity and started to catch on in European cities, and it is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Brunch Culture Around Europe

Europe is a Continent known for its diversity and cultural traditions. When it comes to brunch, Europeans have a different perspective from Americans. Here’s what you need to know about brunch culture around Europe:

The French Brunch

French Brunch

Brunch is not a common thing in France, as it is not part of their traditional meals. Instead, they have the “Brunchez” – which is a meal that is exclusive during weekends. The traditional “Brunchez” consists of pastries, bread, cheese, and coffee – a simple yet elegant way to start your weekend.

The British Brunch

British Brunch

In contrast, the British love their brunch! It’s a popular meal that everyone enjoys on Sundays. A full English breakfast is a classic staple for brunch in Great Britain, which consists of a hearty meal with sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and black pudding.

The Italian Brunch

Italian Brunch

Italians know how to enjoy their food, and brunch is no exception. However, brunch in Italy is a rather informal affair. One of the most popular dishes served during brunch is the frittata, a tasty blend of eggs, cheese, and vegetables.

The Spanish Brunch

Spanish Brunch

The Spanish have a wonderful range of delicacies for brunch, and it goes by the name “almuerzo.” From churros to tapas, Spanish brunch typically comprises a mix of sweet and savory dishes.

The Belgian Brunch

Belgian Brunch

Belgium is known for its waffles, and brunch in Belgium is incomplete without them. Brunch in Belgium is called “Brunch Genevois,” a relatively simple meal that comprises eggs, croissants, bread, and butter.

The German Brunch

German Brunch

The Germans have an extensive and heavy brunch tradition called “Weißwurstfrühstück”. The meal consists of white sausage, sweet mustard, and pretzels, alongside a beer to wash it down.

The Dutch Brunch

Dutch Brunch

In the Netherlands, Brunch is known as “Lunch.” Dutch brunch consists of a vast array of bread and pastries, topped with various spreads and cheeses. A traditional Dutch brunch includes Stroopwafels, which are popular Dutch waffles made from two thin layers of dough and syrup in the middle.

The Swedish Brunch

Swedish Brunch

When it comes to brunch in Sweden, it goes by the name “Frukostbuffé.” The meal consists of eggs, bread, cheese, and cold cuts, alongside some delicious Swedish-style meatballs.

The Danish Brunch

Danish Brunch

Brunch in Denmark, known as “brunchbuffet,” is a mix of sweet and savory dishes. Popular dishes include Danish pastries, cold cuts, cheese, and bacon. And let’s not forget the Danish rye bread. It’s a staple that almost always makes an appearance at brunch in Denmark.

The Swiss Brunch

Swiss Brunch

Finally, in Switzerland, brunch goes by the name “Zmorge.” The Swiss love their brunch, and it usually consists of a variety of bread, cheese, and meats. Zopf, a Swiss braided bread, is a staple for brunch in Switzerland.

Overall, brunch culture in Europe is diverse, and every country has its traditions when it comes to brunch. Whether it’s a small and simple meal or an elaborate brunch buffet, you can always expect delightful flavors and mouth-watering dishes.

Brunch Culture in Europe

Brunch culture may have originated in the United States, but it has become increasingly popular in Europe in recent years. Many cities now offer brunch options, and people are starting to embrace the idea of a late-morning meal with friends.

1. The Rise of Brunch Culture

Brunch culture has been on the rise in Europe for several reasons. Firstly, people are becoming more health-conscious and seeking healthier food options. Brunch typically offers a range of healthy foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.

Healthy Brunch

2. Brunch in Cafe Culture

Cafe culture is a big part of many European cities, and brunch has become a popular addition to cafe menus. Many cafes offer brunch specials on weekends, and it’s an option that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

Cafes Brunch

3. Brunch as a Social Event

Brunch is a social event that brings people together. It’s a chance to catch up with friends or family and enjoy a leisurely meal in a casual setting. In many European cities, brunch is seen as a way to relax and unwind on weekends and is becoming an increasingly popular way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

Brunch Social Event

4. Brunch and Alcohol

Brunch is often accompanied by alcohol. In Europe, it’s not uncommon to have a glass of wine or a cocktail with brunch. Some cafes even offer bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys with their brunch menu.

Alcoholic Brunch

5. Brunch in Different Countries

Brunch varies from country to country in Europe. In France, brunch typically consists of croissants, coffee, and juice. In Germany, it’s common to have cold cuts, cheese, eggs, and bread. In the UK, brunch includes traditional breakfast items such as bacon, eggs, and sausages.

Brunch in Different Countries

6. Brunch and Food Trends

Brunch is also influenced by food trends. In many European cities, brunch menus now offer vegan and vegetarian options, as well as gluten-free choices. Superfoods such as avocado are also popular additions to brunch plates.

Healthy brunch pictures

7. Brunch in Hotels

Many hotels now offer brunch as part of their services to guests. Brunch in a hotel setting can be a luxurious experience with high-end food and drinks. It’s also a great way for hotel guests to explore the local area and try out different cafes and bistros that offer brunch menus.

Hotel Brunch

8. Brunch at Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets have become a popular place to enjoy brunch in Europe. Many markets offer food stalls and cafes where shoppers can enjoy fresh, locally-produced food while catching up with friends.

Farmer's Market Brunch

9. Brunch in Parks

In the summer months, brunch in parks and outdoor spaces has become increasingly popular in Europe. Many city parks now have cafes and bistros that offer brunch menus, and picnics with friends and family are a great way to spend a lazy weekend morning.

Brunch in Parks

10. Brunch and Business Events

Brunch is not just a social event, but it’s also a great way to network and hold business events. Many cafes and bistros now offer brunch menus for business meetings or conferences, and it’s a less formal and enjoyable way to hold a meeting or work event.

Business Brunch

Brunch Culture in Europe

Brunch culture in Europe is quite different from what it is in North America. It has a different vibe and typically has a more structured approach to it. In Europe, brunch is not as mainstream as it is in North America, but it’s still a popular choice for people who want to indulge in a more leisurely meal on weekends. Here’s a closer look at what brunch culture is like in Europe:


In Europe, brunch is mostly offered in major cities and urban areas, usually catering to tourists and expats. However, not many European cities have a brunch culture, and it’s not as widely available as it is in North America. The concept of brunch as a late-morning meal is not as popular in Europe as it is in the United States and Canada.

Food in Europe


The timing of brunch in Europe is different from that in North America. In Europe, brunch is typically offered between 11 am and 2 pm, and it’s more of an early lunch than a late breakfast. It’s not uncommon for brunch to be served till dinner time, and some restaurants even offer an all-day brunch menu. Brunch is usually served on weekends, and it’s an excellent way to kick off a lazy Sunday.


Brunch in Europe is an opportunity to indulge in a more relaxed, luxurious meal with friends and family, and the types of food served reflect that. In Europe, a typical brunch menu includes croissants, pastries, bread, meats, cheeses, and smoked fish. Accompaniments include fresh fruits, vegetables, jams, honey, butter, and condiments. Brunch also features eggs, typically poached or scrambled, served with bacon, sausages, or ham. A lot of European brunch dishes are variations of their traditional dishes.


The pricing of brunch in Europe varies depending on the restaurants and the cities they’re in. Brunch is normally priced between €20 and €45 per person, and it’s usually a fixed-price menu. This price includes the main meal, coffee, and sometimes, a mimosa. In some cities, brunch can be more expensive, and it sometimes includes bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys.


Brunch in Europe is seen as a social event, and it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family. It’s a chance to engage in conversations, share laughs, and indulge in some good food and drinks. Brunch is an immersive experience that combines a meal with socializing, making it a great way to bond with friends and meet new people in a relaxed environment.

City Popular Brunch Spots
Paris Le Pain Quotidien, Holybelly, Paperboy, Season
London The Breakfast Club, Dishoom, The Wolseley, Granger & Co.
Barcelona Brunch & Cake, Federal Café, Café Cometa, Flax & Kale
Amsterdam Bakers & Roasters, The Avocado Show, Staring at Jacob, Little Collins

Overall, brunch culture in Europe is a more refined and elegant experience than it is in North America. It’s a chance to relax, socialize and indulge in some fantastic food and drinks in a leisurely environment. While it’s not as mainstream, it’s still a popular weekend activity in most European cities.

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Brunch: It’s Always A Good Idea

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! Whether you’re a brunch enthusiast or completely new to the concept, I hope this has given you some insight into brunch culture in Europe. From the simple croissant and coffee to the elaborate spreads, brunch is definitely a thing in many parts of Europe. So why not gather some friends and try it out for yourself? Keep coming back for more articles about the latest food trends and to discover new cuisine from around the world. Happy brunching!

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