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Is brunch a thing in Japan?

If you’re a lover of brunch, you might wonder if this popular mealtime has made its way to Japan. In many Western countries, brunch has become a weekend staple, combining breakfast and lunch foods to fuel lazy afternoons of relaxation and indulgence. But with Japan’s unique food culture, it’s worth asking if brunch has caught on here. Whether you’re a visitor or resident, read on to discover the brunch landscape in Japan and where to find the perfect brunch spot, Japanese style.

Brunch Culture in Japan

Brunch, a late morning meal that combines breakfast and lunch, is a popular food culture in many parts of the world. While many countries have their own take on the brunch culture, Japan seems to have a unique approach. In this article, we will discuss whether brunch is a thing in Japan.

1) Understanding Brunch in Japan

Brunch culture in Japan is quite different from what is commonly seen in Western countries. In many parts of the world, brunch is typically a casual meal enjoyed with friends over the weekend. But in Japan, brunch is more of a special occasion reserved for holidays or special events.

2) Japanese Brunch Food

When it comes to brunch menus, Japan has its own unique variety of options. The Japanese breakfast, consisting of rice, fish, miso soup, and pickled vegetables, is often combined with western dishes such as omelettes, pancakes, and sausages to create a fusion of flavors.

3) Brunch in Traditional Japanese Culture

In traditional Japanese culture, brunch is not a concept that exists. Instead, a mid-morning snack called “omogashi” is usually eaten between breakfast and lunch. This snack typically consists of Japanese sweets and tea, which are often served during tea ceremonies.

4) Brunch in Modern Japanese Culture

In modern Japanese culture, brunch has gained popularity among younger generations who are more exposed to western culture. Brunch restaurants have become popular in major cities such as Tokyo and offer a wide variety of brunch menus.

5) Brunch Restaurants in Japan

Japan’s brunch restaurants offer unique menus and atmosphere. Many of these restaurants offer a blend of Japanese and western styles, creating a fusion of tastes and cultures.

6) The Cost of Brunch in Japan

Japan’s brunch culture is often associated with luxury and high prices. Many brunch restaurants in Japan are high-end restaurants that offer premium menus at a premium cost.

7) Brunch and Coffee Culture in Japan

Brunch in Japan is often paired with coffee culture. Many brunch restaurants in Japan offer a wide variety of coffee options, creating a unique blend of tastes and experiences.

8) Brunch and Fashion Culture in Japan

Brunch culture in Japan is often associated with fashion culture. Many brunch restaurants in Japan are located in trendy fashion districts like Shibuya and Harajuku and are designed to cater to fashion-conscious customers.

9) Brunch as a Trend in Japan

The brunch trend in Japan shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, more and more brunch restaurants are popping up across the country, offering a unique brunch experience.

10) Conclusion

In conclusion, brunch is a thing in Japan, but it has a unique take on it. Japanese brunch culture blends traditional Japanese elements with modern western influences, offering a fusion of flavors and experiences for customers. If you are in Japan, it’s worth checking out one of the many brunch restaurants and experiencing this unique take on brunch culture.

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Brunch Culture around the World

Brunch has become a popular meal in many parts of the world. From London to New York and Australia to Brazil, people have embraced this hybrid meal that combines breakfast and lunch. However, it’s interesting to look at how brunch is perceived in different regions of the world. In this section, we’ll examine the global brunch culture and how it’s perceived in Japan.

Brunch in Australia

In Australia, brunch has become a national trend. Most cafes now offer all-day breakfast menus that include popular brunch dishes such as avocado toast, eggs benedict, and pancakes, and the meal is usually accompanied by coffee.

Brunch in Brazil

Brunch is not a common meal in Brazil, but some upscale dining establishments offer a weekend brunch buffet. The Brazilian brunch buffet features various types of meat, sushi, and traditional Brazilian dishes.

Brunch in London

Brunch has been a thing in London for a long time. The city is known for its stylish restaurants and cafes that serve brunch dishes ranging from classic English breakfasts to brunch burgers. It’s also common for Londoners to enjoy bottomless brunches, where they pay a fixed price to enjoy unlimited drinks and food.

Brunch in New York

New York is known for its brunch scene with long waits at popular brunch spots. The city is famous for its bagels, eggs benedict, and brunch cocktails like bloody marys.

Brunch in Japan

Brunch culture is not as prevalent in Japan as it is in other parts of the world. The traditional Japanese breakfast is a rice bowl with miso soup, grilled fish, and pickles. However, many cafes in Tokyo and other urban areas have adopted the brunch concept and offer a mix of Japanese and Western dishes.

Western-Inspired Brunch Cafes in Tokyo

Western-inspired brunch cafes such as Eggs ‘n Things and Clinton Street Baking Co. have become popular in Tokyo. These cafes serve classic brunch dishes such as pancakes, bacon, and french toast.

Japanese Brunch Dishes

While some cafes have adopted a Western brunch menu, others have created unique Japanese brunch dishes such as tamago kake gohan (a rice bowl topped with raw egg), ochazuke (rice in green tea broth), and curry rice.

Weekend Brunch Buffets in Hotels

Brunch buffets in hotels are also gaining popularity in Japan. Many high-end hotels in Tokyo offer weekend brunch buffets that feature both Western and Japanese dishes. These buffets usually have a high-end dining atmosphere and are popular among locals and tourists.

Brunch as a Symbol of Lifestyle

Brunch culture in Japan is often associated with lifestyle. While it’s not as popular as in other parts of the world, brunch is seen as a luxurious and trendy meal that’s commonly associated with urban young adults.


While brunch culture is not as prevalent in Japan as it is in other parts of the world, it’s still gaining popularity. Many cafes in urban areas have adopted the brunch concept and offer a mix of Japanese and Western dishes. Weekend brunch buffets in hotels have also become popular. Although Japanese breakfasts remain the norm, brunch is slowly becoming a thing in Japan.

Brunch Culture in Japan

Japan is a fascinating country with a unique culture, but how does this culture relate to brunch? Brunch culture is not as popular in Japan as it is in some other countries, but that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. In this section, we’ll explore the brunch culture in Japan and see what it looks like.

History of Brunch in Japan

Brunch is a relatively new concept in Japan. It started to gain popularity in the 1990s among the younger generation who were influenced by Western culture. The first places that served brunch were mainly hotels that catered to foreign tourists. The brunch menu included omelets, pancakes, croissants, and bacon and eggs.

Brunch Spots in Tokyo

Tokyo is a vibrant city with plenty of brunch options. Here are some of the best brunch spots in Tokyo:

Restaurant Name Location Menu
Blue Bottle Coffee Kiyosumi Croissants, sandwiches, salads, and coffee
Bill’s Omotesando Omotesando Pancakes, eggs, burgers, and cocktails
Sarabeth’s Shinjuku French toast, pancakes, eggs benedict, and cocktails

Brunch Beverages

No brunch is complete without a good beverage. In Japan, brunch beverages are usually coffee, tea, or juice. In some places, you can find cocktails or even champagne. Coffee is the most common option, and it’s often served with latte art.

Brunch Culture in Rural Japan

While brunch culture is more prevalent in urban areas, it’s also starting to gain popularity in rural Japan. Some hotels and guesthouses in the countryside offer brunch to their guests. The brunch menu often features local ingredients and traditional Japanese dishes like miso soup, grilled fish, and rice.


In conclusion, while it may not be as common as in other countries, brunch culture is slowly but surely making its way to Japan. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Western brunch or a Japanese-inspired one, there are options available. So if you find yourself in Japan, don’t hesitate to check out some of the local brunch spots.

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Bottom Line: Brunch Culture in Japan

We hope this article has given you an informative insight into brunch culture in Japan, the way it’s experienced and the opportunities to savor some great brunch options. Even though it’s not as popular as the traditional Japanese breakfast options, there are still some fantastic places that offer a unique and delicious brunch experience. So, when you’re in Japan, do give it a try! Thanks for reading and we hope to see you again with more exciting topics. Have a fabulous day!

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