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What is Finland breakfast meal?

Waking up in Finland, one cannot help but wonder what breakfast will be like in this Nordic country. Known for their love of coffee and pastries, Finnish breakfast is a tasty and filling meal that is often served with a side of culture. From the traditional rye bread to the famous porridge, Finnish breakfast is a combination of hearty and healthy dishes that are worth waking up for. In this article, we will delve into the must-try breakfast items in Finland and learn more about the country’s breakfast traditions.

1. Introduction to Finnish Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for Finnish people, it’s no different. Finnish breakfast is a reflection of traditional Finnish food culture, where fresh ingredients, simplicity, and health are valued above all. Finland’s location in Northern Europe heavily influences its breakfast traditions, with the cold climate calling for hearty, sustenance-packed meals to start the day.

Finland breakfast meal

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2. What are the Typical Finnish Breakfast Dishes?

The traditional Finnish breakfast consists of local, seasonal ingredients – freshly baked bread, dairy products, berries, and fish. The most popular Finnish breakfast dishes are oatmeal and porridge, which are commonly served with berries, nuts, honey, or jam. Rye bread, cheese, and cold cuts are also a staple, as well as local fish, such as salmon, herring, and whitefish.

Finnish oatmeal

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3. Rye Bread – The Finnish Breakfast Classic!

Rye bread is an essential part of Finnish breakfast. The Finnish take their rye bread seriously, with several varieties to choose from. The bread’s dense texture and earthy taste complement the rich flavors of other breakfast ingredients such as cheese, cold cuts, and fish. Most Finnish households bake their rye bread, with many variations of the recipe.

Finnish rye bread

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4. Milk and Dairy Products in Finnish Breakfast

Milk and dairy products are an important component of Finnish breakfast. Finnish dairy products, such as creamy butter, cheese, and yogurt, are famous for their high quality and taste. Milk and yogurt are commonly consumed as a drink or mixed with porridge and oatmeal to enhance the flavor and texture.

Finnish dairy products

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5. Berries – The Finnish Breakfast Superfood

Finland is known for its abundance of berries, such as lingonberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Finnish people like to add berries to their breakfast dishes for extra flavor and nutrition. Berries are high in antioxidants and vitamins, making them a healthy and delicious addition to any breakfast.

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6. Egg Dishes for a Hearty Finnish Breakfast

Eggs are a great source of protein and are commonly eaten for breakfast in Finland. Finnish people like to cook their eggs in various ways, such as boiled, fried, or scrambled. Some traditional Finnish egg dishes include the Finnish egg pancake (munakas) and the Finnish egg butter (munavoi).

Finnish egg pancake

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7. Finnish Cold Cuts for Breakfast

Cold cuts are a common Finnish breakfast food. Finnish cold cuts are usually made of pork or beef, seasoned with garlic, salt, and pepper, among others. Some popular Finnish cold cuts include salami, sausages, and ham, which are commonly served with rye bread and cheese.

Finnish cold cuts

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8. Finnish Coffee and Tea Culture

Coffee and tea are popular breakfast drinks in Finland. Finnish people like to enjoy their coffee and tea with sweet pastries, such as cinnamon buns or pulla, a traditional Finnish cardamom bun. Finland is also famous for its coffee culture, with the ritual serving of coffee and pastries being an important part of Finnish hospitality.

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9. Vegan and Vegetarian Options for Finnish Breakfast

For travelers following a vegan or vegetarian diet, Finland offers various options for a satisfying breakfast. Oatmeal, porridge, and bread are staples that are vegan-friendly and can be combined with various plant-based toppings, such as nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Vegan yogurt and cheese substitutes are also widely available in supermarkets and health food stores.

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10. Overall, Finnish Breakfast Emphasizes Simplicity, Flavor, and Health

While Finnish breakfast may differ from region to region and from household to household, it’s clear that Finnish cuisine focuses on freshness, simplicity, and health. Finnish people believe that breakfast should be a hearty and nutritious meal that energizes them for the day. Whether you’re in Finland or not, trying out a Finnish breakfast can be a delicious and nutritious experience!

Typical Finnish Breakfast Foods

When it comes to Finnish breakfast foods, there are a variety of dishes that are popular and available. Here are a few of the most common breakfast foods that you might find in Finland:


Karjalanpiirakka is a traditional Finnish pastry that is popular as a breakfast food. It is a thin, rye crust filled with a mixture of rice and potatoes, and is often topped with egg-butter. This dish is a staple in many Finnish households and can be found in most cafes and restaurants throughout the country.


Leipäjuusto, also known as Finnish squeaky cheese, is a type of cheese that is often eaten for breakfast. It is made from cow’s milk and is traditionally served warm, often with cloudberry jam. This cheese is unique in that it “squeaks” when it is bitten into, which is where it gets its nickname.


Pulla is a traditional Finnish sweet bread that is often served at breakfast. It is a soft, lightly sweetened bread that is typically flavored with cardamom. Pulla can be served with butter, cheese, or jam, and is a popular choice for breakfast or with coffee in the afternoon.


Porridge is a popular breakfast dish in Finland and is often made with oats or barley. It is typically served warm and can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings such as fresh berries, nuts, or honey.


Mämmi is a traditional Finnish sweet dessert that is often eaten for breakfast. It is made from rye flour, ground malt, and molasses, and is typically served with cream or milk. This dish is popular during the Easter holiday in Finland and is a unique addition to any breakfast table.


Kahvi, or coffee, is a staple of Finnish culture and is often enjoyed with breakfast. Finnish coffee is typically strong and dark, and is served with milk and sugar on the side. It is common for Finns to start their day with a cup of kahvi and a slice of pulla.

Kinkku ja Juusto

Kinkku ja Juusto
Kinkku ja juusto, or ham and cheese, is a popular breakfast sandwich in Finland. It is typically made with Finnish rye bread and is often topped with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. This sandwich is a quick and easy breakfast option for those on the go.


Juustokeitto, or cheese soup, is a hearty breakfast dish that is popular in Finland. It is typically made with a variety of vegetables and topped with chunks of Finnish cheese. This dish is a filling option for those looking for a savory breakfast option.


Poropyörykät, or reindeer meatballs, are a traditional Finnish breakfast option in Lapland. They are made from ground reindeer meat and are typically served with lingonberry sauce. This dish is not as commonly found outside of Lapland, but is a unique breakfast option for those in the region.


Ruisleipä, or Finnish rye bread, is a staple of Finnish cuisine and is often eaten for breakfast. This bread is dense and dark, and is a great accompaniment to a variety of breakfast toppings such as cheese or salmon. Finnish rye bread is made with sourdough and is known for its hearty flavor.

Popular Breakfast Foods in Finland

Finland is a country located in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland. It is known for its natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and unique culture. Finnish cuisine is also popular for its simple and wholesome meals made from fresh and high-quality ingredients. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and is often consumed in Finnish households and cafes. Here are some of the most popular breakfast foods in Finland.

Kahvi (Coffee)

cup of coffee in Finland
Finnish people are known for their love of coffee, and it is considered a staple drink in the country. The coffee culture in Finland is unique, and it is customary to drink coffee with pastries, such as pulla (sweet bread with cardamom), korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls), or rahkapulla (sweet buns made with quark). The most popular coffee brand in Finland is Paulig, which has been producing coffee since 1876.

Leipä (Bread)

Finnish bread
Bread is a staple food in Finland, and it is often served as a part of the breakfast meal. Finnish bread is made from rye, wheat, or barley flour, and it has a dense texture, moist interior, and a slightly sweet and sour taste. The most popular types of Finnish bread are ruisleipä (rye bread) and hapankorppu (crispbread). It is usually served with butter, cheese, ham, or cold cuts.

Mysli (Muesli)

Finnish muesli
Muesli is a popular breakfast food in Finland, and it is made from a mixture of rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. It is typically served with milk or yogurt and topped with fresh berries or sliced apples. Finnish muesli is often a healthier and more filling option for those who prefer a lighter breakfast.

Raejuusto (Quark)

Finnish quark
Quark is a type of cheese that originated in Northern Europe, and it is commonly used as a breakfast ingredient in Finland. It has a smooth and creamy texture and a slightly sour taste. Quark is often served with fresh berries, such as lingonberries or blueberries, and mixed with honey or sugar. It is also a popular filling for pastries, such as pulla or rahkapulla.

Kalakukko (Fish Pie)

Finnish fish pie
Kalakukko is a traditional Finnish fish pie that is often eaten for breakfast. It is made from rye bread dough filled with layers of salmon or other fatty fish, as well as pork or bacon, onions, and potatoes. The pie is then baked in a hot oven and served hot or cold. Kalakukko is a filling and hearty breakfast food that is often enjoyed with coffee or tea.

Food Description
Kahvi (Coffee) Staple drink in Finland, often consumed with pastries
Leipä (Bread) Made from rye, wheat, or barley flour, often served with butter
Mysli (Muesli) Combination of rolled oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits
Raejuusto (Quark) Type of cheese that is often served with fresh berries and honey
Kalakukko (Fish Pie) Traditional Finnish fish pie made from rye bread dough and filled with layers of fish, pork, onions, and potatoes

Overall, Finnish breakfasts are simple, wholesome, and delicious. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, there is a dish for everyone. From coffee and pastries to fish pies and quark, Finnish breakfast foods offer a unique and tasty experience that is perfect for starting your day off right.

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Discover the Deliciousness of Finland’s Breakfast Meal

Feeling hungry already? I hope this article has given you some insights into what is included in a traditional Finnish breakfast. From crispy rye bread to hearty porridge and strong coffee, there’s something for every taste and appetite. Why not try making some of these dishes yourself, or even better – book a trip to Finland and experience the authentic taste firsthand. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you back soon for more exciting content about Finnish cuisine. Hyvää ruokahalua! (Bon Appetit!)

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